killer whalesKiller whales attacked a Japanese whaling vessel operating in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in the South Eastern Coast of Africa, leaving behind 16 dead and 12 injured.

The whaling ship of Japan, MV Nisshin Maru, was plying the ocean to catch whales when the crew detected gas leaking from its processing factory, disabling the ship that was loaded with oil weighing around 1000 tons. Afraid that the ship will go down because of its heavy load, the crew of the whaling ship panicked and emergency procedures were disregarded as they jumped into the water without setting any lifeboats into the sea.

While the men were swimming, a school of killer whales attacked them, killing 16 of the men while injuring 12 of them.

“It was gruesome, with blood staining the waters,” the mechanical engineer told reporters regarding the horrible incident. “In 30 minutes, it was over,” he further revealed. The mechanical engineer witnessed the killings and was lucky to have survived.

The accident happened after an international court ordered that whaling should be stopped in the area, which means that Japan was violating an international law by defying the court order. To some supporters of these law, what happened can be considered as “karma” or nature’s way of avenging the death tolls among killer whales.

To some environmentalists, the killer whales were just having their vengeance against humans who have been killing them and causing their deteriorating number.

“The whales cannot be blamed for what happened. To them, they were just trying to satisfy their hunger and the men from the ship were excellent food,” an activist vehemently defended the killer whales.

It was estimated that 6,000 killer whales were captured by Japanese whalers even the law preventing the act was already implemented. These sea animals are kept in tanks and aquariums and trained to entertain people.

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