Kip and Mona Lisa had ten kids. The first sentence is making a great appeal of them and the second attraction is that the six of the kids were in college in their age of twelve. People may generally think that is not possible for a twelve years kind to be in a college as a student. But in real is has been happened. And this impossible is made possible by the only husband and wife Kip and Mona Lisa Harding. Mona Lisa’s husband was in military for the period of time. But she liked homeschooling from her early age. Kip and Mona Lisa Harding had 10 children. But the surprising news is that the six among them started college by the age of twelve. The Hardings quality their children’s in achievement to the suppleness of homeschooling.


People in general may think that the kids had a sharp IQ. But it is not true. The kids had not such IQ for which they can be in a college. It was only the result of homeschooling by their mom. Kip whose age is forty five told that if parents get out of the path, children can really go ahead. Mona Lisa started homeschooling the children in the summer of 1997. Menwhile  Hannah, their eldest daughter, had finished third grade. She had no impression it would prime to Hannah taking her first college class at age 12.
Mona Lisa told that Hannah, her husband, respected math and exceeded her very quickly. During her studying it is looked that Hanna is doing better in math and algebra. And in that time she was seemed that she is a college student. For this reason Lisa did it and finally she earned B grade. Then Hanna started to go to college regularly. Lisa told that though she had attended her to college but the moral support is her husband, Kip.

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