Can you think of the most basic question in science? According to the Discover magazine’s perspective, this question is “does the earth orbit the sun?”

Answer to this question is usually taught to the students in primary schools; but in America, most of the people know it and many don’t. According to the survey, only 74% Americans are aware of this facts and rest of the 26% really don’t know whether the earth orbits the sun.

This was the result of the survey in which 2,200 Americans had participated. These results emerge in the survey of National Science Foundation; they are part of one big report that is needed to be given to American President and lawmakers in Congress.  The results of this survey have put a great question mark on the education standards in United States.

Further, this survey also included different questions and revealed that only 39% of Americans are believers of the huge explosion that has created the universe.

Antibiotics are not used to kill viruses, 51% of Americans were familiar with it.


Do you think Astrology is something highly scientific? If you do then you are not alone. 42% of Americans believe the same as you do.

The survey is designed to check the educational progress in America and it is carried out from time to time.

These are the results that don’t make us very much proud; however, this survey also has positive aspect.

It is reported that about 90% of Americans are highly interested in knowing about the new medical discoveries and similar number of people are firm believers of it that scientific benefits has huge list to prevail over its dangerous side. Around 30% people insisted on increasing government funding for the development of science.These results showed that Americans have great interest in building science.


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