Many Americans remain ignorant about the way their clothes are made. Many do not even know the countries in which their clothing is made. All they care about are the designer brands they wear, having bought the clothes from prestigious shops and franchises.

Child labor is everywhere though some places have a higher prevalence of it

Child labor is everywhere though some places have a higher prevalence of it

Most of the clothes that are sold in America are made in factories based in third world countries. The labor used is more controversial since it is child labor.

Case in point is Bangladesh, its capital being Dhaka. More than 4.7 million children work in cloth factories there. Most of them have never been to school and those who have had any form of education drop out in the early stages of learning.

The average age of these factory children is between 10 and 14 years. Their minimum wage is just $39 per month. They live in very poor conditions. The main means of travel is overcrowded ships for commuting to the factories. Most have no homes or places to sleep and end up spending their nights in the factories where they work.

Their work shifts range from 11 to 14 hrs per day. One of the children says he works 12 hours per day and handles more than 1400 shirts in the work shift. He is only 10 years old and has been in the city for four months.

The future of these children in the garment factories is bleak. They have nowhere else to go or to earn their living. Continued purchase of these garments supports the vice of child labor by providing a market that has to be satisfied.

The most notorious places in child labor

The most notorious places in child labor

Many countries employ child labor to some extent with some being more notorious than others. The worst hit places are third world countries in Africa and the lawless countries such as Somalia and close neighbors Eritrea.

It is upon every self-respecting person to do what they can to prevent the spread of child labor and see how these children whose future is being destroyed can be helped.

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