Denmark minister announced that Kosher and Halal Slaughter is banned in the country stating that animal rights come first before religion.  This new law was criticized for its anti-Semitism from the Jewis community.  The law surfaced after the country was boiled in a controversy regarding the slaughter of Marius the giraffe which was shot in public and fed it to the lions.  The incident was witnessed by spectators to the vast gardens at the Copenhagen zoo.


After several years of campaigning by animal welfare activists, the Denmark government has finally approved the law that banned the slaughter of animals for religious production and consumption of kosher and halal meat.  However, the law also receive a lot flaking from Jewish leaders, labeling it as “anti-Semitism”.  The non-profit religious Danish group, the Danish Halal, also added that it was a blatant display of religious tyranny.

European guidelines requires stunning of animals before they are to be slaughtered.  It however permits exemption of this activity of inflicting pain to animals on religious grounds.  According to the Jewish belief and the Islamic Law, the animal must be conscious when it is to be slaughtered for its meat to be considered Kosher and Halal.  However, Denmark bent a few of this European regulations just recently to cater the appeal of animal activists.

In Denmark’s TV2, The Demark minister for agriculture and food, Dan Jørgensen, defended the government’s latest decision to eradicate the exemption saying animal rights come first before religion.

Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, Israel’s deputy minister for religious services gave his reaction regarding the changes made, telling the Jewish Daily Forward that the Europen anti-Semitism is displaying its true colors all over Europe, starting from Denmark.  He added that this case is even increasing in the government institutions.

Generally speaking, the slaughter ban has mixed reactions and divided opinions.

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