If you want to entertain yourself nowadays, you should spend your time on Twitter. After Elan Gale’s note passing battle was followed live on Twitter, stand-up comedian Kyle Kinane got into war with the bot of Pace Foods. Automated account of the company favourites all tweets including Pace Food product.Soon after Kyle Kinane discovered this, realized that it is a good chance to have fun mocking the company on internet using an abusive language. Things got out of control and company contacted Kinane via direct messaging. But it was a bit late because comedian had started tweeting out one hour ago. They asked for deleting the tweets about their company, and got an hilarious, surprising respond from Kinane. He blackmailed Pace Food into sending him free salsa. But they were told not to send anything to comedian by lawyer. How do you think, who is the winner of battle? Kinane? NO.He is the main looser of this battle.The winner is another comedian, Randy Liedtke. Because all those conversations, tweets were a fiction of Liedtke. He fooled his comedian fellow on internet. He was the one who favourited the tweets of Kinane. Owner of Pace Foods, Campbell Soup Co. also declared that the account was not an authorized one. Sounds like the movie Inception, doesn’t it ? Prank in prank.
















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