There is this Chipotle ad going its rounds all over the internet.  This latest Chipotle ad somehow strikes its viewers and makes them think about routine tasks and processed foods.

The animated Chipotle ad is entitled “The Scarecrow”.  The ad is actually a short film to promote Chipotle’s brand new app-based survival or adventure game.  The ad aptly used the song “Pure Imagination” which perfectly set the mood of the whole clip.  It was beautifully sung by the Grammy Award winning singer Fiona Apple.  The 3 minute long Chipotle ad posted in Youtube last 2013 has already gathered an astonishing 12 million views.  The ad received mixed reactions from viewers with some supporting their cause and while others saying that Chipotle has some kind of a hidden agenda.  There were also a few people who commented on how pretentious the company is and how bland their products taste.  On the other hand, there were some who were touched and appreciated the message delivered by the ad.

Nevertheless, there is no denying that the short ad was amazingly made and undoubtedly a lot of effort went through to create such a masterpiece. As a matter of fact, the astonishing visual effects of the animation were made possible in the creative hands of the awesome people from Moonbot Studios who has an incredible list of animation works in their name.

The Chipotle ad is set in a dystopian fantasy world wherein all production of food is being controlled by the Crow Foods.  It showed a turn of events where scarecrows who used to protect the crops are now under the command of the crows who harvest evil an selfish plans to take control of the entire food system.  One scarecrow however gets the courage to set free from the chains of the crows and begins to bring a revolution to the whole foodlproduction.

Check this Chipotle ad and be enthralled!


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