The recreational pot of Colorado turned into a slaughtered land by Marijuana . On the first day of legalization of marijuana in Colorado, the drug killed at least 37 people and many were admitted to hospital.

Recently sell of marijuana was legalizes with regulations and heavy tax for the adults in Colorado and Washington. According to the reports 37 people already have been killed by the fatal drugs. Maximum people are having heart attacks and multiple organ failure. Doctors have confirmed the news and termed the incident as worrisome. They also mentioned that if the trend continues then the number of death by one week could reach even as high as 300.

The legalization came into effect after the majority through state wise ballots counting. The decision however was highly criticized as the anti party suspected malpractice of the drugs. But the leaders who voted against the move said that this has turned into slaughter. Many young men have already lost their life and plenty are lying in the death bed.

The marijuana was clubbed under the same category of Alcohol and Tobacco. But after the rising death due to the drugs plenty have suggested that Alcohol and Tobacco does not have this much drastic effect.

Opposition has reacted strictly in the incident. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said that “We can’t sit idly by and allow this slaughter to continue,”. He has also indicated that he could pursue for special season for the legislation and will try to negotiate to cancel the effect of the law.


One of the patients who died due to overdose of marijuana was mere 29 years of old. After the death it was found that Pinkman, the patient was only having the heavy drugs in the blood.

No words from the Government have been reported till now on the issue while the drug use is busy in claiming lives.

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