Rifleman Cyrus Thatcher was only 19 years old when his battalion was sent into Afghanistan. In several letters addressed to his mother, he tells the story of life in the battlefields of the desert country as seen through the eyes of a frontline soldier. This was in the year’s spring and the 2nd Battalion was commanded to go, with Riflemen deployed to Afghanistan. In a short stay of less than two weeks, nine soldiers were already dead with dozens injured.

Rifleman Cyrus Thatcher with a colleague in Afghanistan

In letters sent to his mother and later handed to the press, he describes how trying work was. Like a soldier, Thatcher gallantly soldiers on irrespective the hardship which easily made the Rifleman lose track of days. Rifleman loyalty to his nation is all he fosters and quested by saying he could not leave the army job despite the progression rate. Thatcher was a visionary and determined soldier who believed that in at least two weeks time, he would be at home to buy himself a TV set and travel to Amsterdam for a holiday. Frankly Thatcher is nature loving and adventurous.

One of these boys is Thatcher at the age of 10

The proud Rifleman goes on updating his lovely mom of toughening conditions in the wilderness of Afghanistan but in a joking tone. He said of his body condition which was paling and wearing off due to malnutrition. Thatcher recalls in a light note about the churches and other well wishers who sent them gifts which included sweets and chocolates. He informed the mom and family of IED explosions in one of the FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) 2 km away. Thatcher described the soldiers’ three main causes of death; bullets, bombs and inflated egos.

Thatcher giving a thumbs up while at work

Finally, Thatcher was put in charge of FOB rotation for 7 days. A much shocking scene crowned with restlessness and ego. He warned his family not to worry much for him even if he died because it would be in what he was born to do. He heroically congratulated each of his family members and wished them full realization of their dreams. And as fate would have it, on 2 June 2009 Cyrus Thatcher met misfortune and he was killed

Thatcher at the age of 2 years

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