Lisa Niemi
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Lisa Niemi, a widow of Patrick Swayze, has found love again and is engaged to Albert DePrisco. She remained unmarried for some years but now she is beginning a new life.

Patrick Swayze died in September 2009. He was a victim of pancreatic cancer which had taken his life. The couple was married for 34 years.

The news is confirmed that “Albert proposed to Lisa on Christmas Eve.”

Albert proposed to Lisa Niemi

Lisa Niemi, a 57-year old actress and dancer met Albert, 58, at a birthday party, according to People. There mutual friends are the reason of their first meeting. This fortune meeting has turned out to be something wonderful and this couple has been dating for a year and half. They have recently announced their engagement

After a year of death of his beloved husband Swayze, Niemi told about her possibility of being married again. The couple enjoyed their 34 years in other things also than media industry. They raised horses and also had a construction business.

Marriage of Niemi and Swayze’s was few of the most beautiful love affairs of the Hollywood that lasted till end. They first met at dance studio of Swayze’s mother when she was only 15 years of age and Swayze was 20, and began the journey of life together till the end.

Niemi said, “I would love companionship love. Absolutely. I hope I’m not one of these women who never want to have another relationship. But who knows, that’s another bridge I’ll cross when I come to it. I may get there and go, I don’t know. But I like to think that I can.”

It is better to move on and everyone has the right to start his life again after the death of his beloved. We wish the couple best of luck for their future.

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