A Little-Known Effect of Contraceptives

Some common contraceptives
Some common contraceptives

There is a little-known effect of birth control. Did you know that birth control leads to happier, healthier people who live longer? If the answer is no, here is how it happens.


Women approximated to be more than 200 million are in need of contraceptives. They want to control the number of children they will get yet they do not have access to the necessary contraceptives. This means that they will not achieve their goal and could end up with a large family.


Now think of what happens to a woman’s income if she has fewer children. The income of women who have access to contraceptives and use them is higher by about 40%. These women are also able to save more and could potentially invest their savings to earn more.


Contraceptive use also leads to people being healthy thus living longer. There is potential to change the demographic dividends, due to having more money being shared by fewer people, thereby bringing about an upsurge in a nation’s economic growth.


Investing in family planning and contraceptive use saves the country from having to budget for many people. Population growth is also easier to control. Tremendous gains are made in healthcare and service provision since there is better education, health and access to amenities is improved.


Water provision and sanitation also improves in populations whose women have access to contraceptives. To achieve all these, there is need to increase funding for family planning needs. Currently, only 22% funding is available.


Donor countries should be punctual in their contributions to the family planning funds kitty and if possible increase the amount. The main contributors are the United States, France and Australia. Developing countries which are the main beneficiaries of the funding also need to prioritize family planning and increase their own allocations in their national budgets to contraceptive purchase and distribution.


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