In 1997, physicist Juan Maldacena had proposed a model that our entire universe is a hologram and every particle that exists on planet is just a mere projection. However, till date, no practical test that can give credence to this theory exists. But some mathematical models and calculations have given resemblance for the theory to be true.

Existence of universe as 3D projection

What this theory actually suggests is that the gravity on our planets results from thin, vibrating strings that are holograms of events that occur in flatter cosmos.

A model designed by Professor Maldacena suggests that our universe exists in one dimension of time and nine dimensions of space. A recent report in Nature, shows that various Japanese researchers are now trying their hands on the proposed theory by providing some mathematical evidence that shows the hologram principle to be true.


According to the hologram principle, a two-dimensional surface contains every information to represent a three dimensional object- which is our universe in this case.

Thus the principle claims that all the data that contains the description of the entire volume of space for e.g. a comet, star or a human body should exist in a region of some ‘real’ version of universe. For instance, in a black hole, whatever object that falls into it would be contained in fluctuating surfaces. This leads us to think that physical exists in memory or chip or fragment of data. In simpler terms, the universe that we stay in is just a 3D projection of an alternate 2D universe.

Yoshifumi Hyakutake of Ibaraki University in Japan, once made an attempt to show some mathematical evidence of the existence of this holographic principle by calculating the internal energy of the black hole. In his research, he has studied more about black hole and the effects of ‘virtual particles’ that continuously moves in and out of existence. In his other experiments, Professor Hyakutake also calculated the energy that exists in alternate flatter cosmos without any gravity. When these two computer calculations were matched, some of the results were found to be matching giving proof for the dual nature of the universe.

On this basis, Professor Maldacena said that gravitational properties of the universe can be explained with the help of quantum theory.


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