People who made a trip to Grand Canyon one week ago were very lucky. They had chance to see a fantastic miracle of weather.They witnessed a natural wonder which happens once every decade.



Grand Canyon made a unusual surprise for the visitors.There was sea of fog over the canyon.Gorges of canyon were covered by fog because of temperture inversion.Temperature inversion happens when warm air goes up and cover the cold air and get the fog stuck below.Actually this happens once a year at the Grand Canyon, but a complete inversion is seen only once in 10 years.


Park ranger Erin Whittaker told; inversions usually covers some parts of the canyon and happens on cloudy days but this time it was seen under a clear sky over whole canyon and she added , those who heard about this extraordinary got to the canyon immediately to take unforgetable photoes of amazing, rare event.


If you want to feel as if you are living over the clouds like in the tales, probably you must wait for 10 years till the next perfect iversion .


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