Robin Roberts spent the better part of 2013 fighting for her health, and she has revealed that she had a special person by her side during the period: girlfriend Amber Laign. Roberts publicly declared that she had a long-running relationship with Laign as she was celebrating her blessings of the year in a Facebook post.

Roberts wrote in the post that she was grateful for her family, her longtime girlfriend, Amber, and her friends as she prepared to celebrate a new year with them. Laign is a native of the San Francisco Bay area and a massage therapist. She has a private practice where patients who are recovering from injuries are her specialty. Roberts and Laign met through mutual friends more than 10 years back and have been together since then.

Robin Roberts (left) and Amber Laign

The last few years have not been good for Roberts after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. She later went into remission but she was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome last year.  This is a rare blood disorder that required advanced treatment. Roberts underwent bone marrow transplant after her sister donated the bone marrow. Her sister was also thanked in the Facebook post.

Roberts with her pet dog
Roberts with her pet dog

The Facebook post featured her dog too in a photo. She remembered when she had been separated with her dog though they later reunited 100 days after surgery. She hoped that her post would comfort those who are depressed and living in the past. She advised people to avoid anxieties of the future and be at peace with the present.

Robin roberts on her show, 'Good Morning America'
Robin roberts on her show, ‘Good Morning America’

The post is the first public acknowledgement by Roberts, who is a ‘Good Morning America’ host, of her sexuality. She now joins a long list of celebrities who have come out openly to declare that they are gay, lesbian or bisexual that includes movie actors, TV show actors, WWE wrestlers, musicians and others.

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