Look at the most adorable photo of a piglet in the world! This photo will surely bring a smile to your face and brighten your gloomy day. The photo shows a micro-piglet hugging a strawberry.

The unbelievably itsy bitsy and adorably cute piglet looks all so blissful of his surroundings. The little pig may also be called as a mini, micro, teacup or pygmy pig. The particular piglet shown in the photo is from a famous farm in England called Pennywell Farm. The farm is known for breeding super duper tiny pig that are extra friendly and tamed already perfect as pets in every types of household.

These type of piglets usually weigh just around 8 ounces when they are born and grow into just a fifth the size of regular and typical pigs. However, don’t be deceived by the photo since the strawberry itself is faked and not the actual size thus it is not relative to the size of the pig. Nevertheless, the photo was wonderfully and amazingly shot and the piglet is just too adorable and cute to handle.

Ever since veterinarians begun breeding this type of pigs, it became an instant sensation worldwide. It usually sparked the interest of pet lovers especially because of its miniature size added to the factor that several pictures of the adorable pet has been posted all over the internet ever since its conception. Even the socialite heiress, Paris Hilton, jumped in the bandwagon and joined the mini teacup pig craze.

Before you get yourself one of these uber adorable piglets, just keep in mind that this type of mini pets don’t stay “mini” forever. The photos that graced all over the internet are photos of the piglets that are a few days old only. It can still grow up to about 200 pounds when it turns to 2 years old since they are just miniature version of the potbelly pig. Another thing is that pig are still pigs and they bite anything that comes their way may it be your fingers!

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