What Consi Taylor thought was mold on a bunch of bananas turned out to be the eggs of the world’s most deadly spider. Consi bought the bananas from a Sainsbury supermarket after they were imported from Brazil.

Consi tried to eat one of the bananas and found herself staring at dozens of the spiders as the eggs had now hatched. The scene on her table was even more horrifying. Spiders were hatching and scurrying around her house and carpet. A worst case scenario does not get worse than this. The worried mother of two took photos of the spiders and sent them to a pest control specialist. She was then advised to immediately vacate the house until it was properly and thoroughly fumigated to eliminate the venomous spiders. The family made up of two small children and the parents had to find accommodation in a hotel.

Don’t eat or get bitten by these super venomous killers
Don’t eat or get bitten by these super venomous killers

The story of woes for Consi Taylor did not end there. When she tried to return the bananas to the supermarket where she bought them, they offered her a measly $16 for her troubles. The supermarket later offered to pay the full cost of fumigation and pay for the hotel bill where the Taylors were staying. The supermarket chain said it has rigorous checks on imported products aimed at preventing exactly what happened. Meanwhile, the Taylors have sworn to keep off bananas.

banana spider2

The Brazilian wandering banana spider is the most venomous spider known and it can kill an adult with a single venom bite. One wonders what could have happened to the Taylors’ children had they had such an encounter. Once bitten, you develop a permanent erection if you are male, and a myriad of other unusual symptoms including intense pain and paralysis. The symptoms of the spider’s bite are very confusing to physicians and diagnosis of the problem is very troublesome. The best thing is not to get bitten at all.

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