Brenda Schmitz died from cancer in 2011. She was 46, had husband and four sons. She was sorry to die so young, was sorry to leave her husband and most of all she was sorry for her kids who have to grow up wihout mother now.
When the youngest son was only 1 year old, Brenda wastold she had cancer. So she decided to write a letter to the future, and then asked her friend to send this letter to a radio station  KSTZ. This station is famous in the USA for making Christmas wishes to those who send their letters with wishes on Christmas. And Brenda’s friend was supposed to send this letter only when Brenda’s husband finds another love in his life.
In the letterBrenda asked only three things:
1. day in a spa saloon for her husband’s fiance
2. weekend and dinner for all her family in Disneylland
3. special dinner for her nurses and doctors.
When Brenda’s husband heard this letter on the radio, he burst into crying. Everyone was touched with the story. The author of the letter said she already loves the new “wife” of her widower. And askes her to treat the four boys like her own sons. Brenda emphasises she knows how hard it is to be a step-mother to all four boys. And especially to the youngest Max-, who is just 4 years right now- to give him love and attention. Brenda endes her letter with words ” I love you whoever you are
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