Realistic sculpture by Ron Mueck, an artist from London, amazed the world as it shows with human figures in action that looks so real that seeing the work could make the onlooker mistake it for real human beings.

His sculptures look so real that guests to the museum would stare at them for hours. One of his best works is a couple lying together. From a distant, they appear to be real humans but at closer look, they are just works of art.

Mueck makes realistic sculpture
Mueck’s realistic sculpture

Mueck started making models from clay and he created Ludo, the gentle giant in the movie Labyrinth. Mueck’s works look so real that people would find it hard to refrain themselves from touching the figures to see if they are alive.

Aside from this realistic sculpture of a couple, another work is that of an aged couple on the beach, sitting under an umbrella, with the old man’s head on the woman’s lap. Another is that of a woman with the head of an infant peeping from her collar.

realistic sculpture of couple on the beach

A reliable source revealed that Mueck spends long hours in order to produce a perfect work of art. The facial features, including the eyes, look very real. Some are bigger than life size while others are just miniatures.

One feature of his works is the facial expression that seems to show the sculpture enjoying the time that their pictures are taken. The face looks alive, making his works unique.

Before Mueck became famous for his sculpture, he made puppet shows and give voice to Ludo, a character in the movie Labyrinth. After the exhibition of some of his works, he becamefamous overnight and people began to notice how good his works are.

Ron Mueck’s work was exhibited at the National Gallery in London and the Royal Academy. Just recently, three of his sculptures were unveiled at the Fondation Cartier in Paris, France.

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