Linda and Bob Grey are spouses. They had been extremely happy together, until they heard about Linda Diagnose. She has breast cancer. One day Linda will need treatment in hospital, which is why her husband Bob decided to make funny pictures for her. When she is in there, she wil have photos of Bob wearing pink tuta. It will make her laugh. Linda says, “The more I laugh, the better I feel. Thsi si a good therapy to me”. Linda also adds that her friends appreciate what Bob does for her. Bob has been to many countries and towns. He has been even to Italy. No, when they know the terrible diagnose, only now, the couple realsie that life is beautiful. And when we feel blue and it is hard to go on, the only thng we can do is laugh. Laugh at ourselves. Make your friends and close people laugh.
Bob posted some of his pictures on internet, and many people now want to buy them. Because money they recieve for the pictrues will help this family in such a seriosu situation.
Most of the americans want to support Bob and Linda. Because this man shows a very unusual love and sincere feelings to his wife

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