Marriages are said to be made in heaven. The ceremony takes place at a beautiful place with all family and friends. It was all perfect apart from the fact that it was a marriage in hospital for Cola and Felix Glenny.


Felix, 23 got married to his girlfriend and mother of his two beautiful kids Cola, 22 from hospital bed. He has been diagnosed with deadly bowel cancer and has only some week left. The couple agreed to get married after doctors said that the cancer has spread out in his body and he merely have any chance to survive. The friends and families came to the special day of their life in Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent for their special marriage in hospital.


Felix a dedicated family man works in Water Supply Company met his soul mate Cola in August 2010 who is a hairdresser. They have two adorable kids Ralph, 4 and Pearl, 4 months. Initially the pain was thought be a stomach cramp and several hospitals said the same explained Cola. But later it was found to be a big tumor in the bowel by doctors. Felix who has a family history of this dreadful cancer could not escape the wrath of the fate and now counting his last days.


As soon as the couple understood that there is not much time left they went ahead with the marriage. The marriage in hospital took place in the presence of the Hospital Chaplin. Cola dressed in a stunning white wedding gown accepted dying Felix as her husband. The emotional moment was witnessed by the friends and family and wished for both of them.

The sudden death and prolonged illness of Felix was certain to bring financial crisis to the young family. Close mutual friends of the couple said that even Felix was also worried about the same. With initiative from the friends Cola initiated a GoFundMe website which has raise above £7,000 as of now. The newly married couple and their children are expected to celebrate their last Christmas together in hospital. Cola said that she can never forget the occasion of their marriage in hospital.


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