Mary Fallin is the Governess of Oklahoma.  Reportedly, she signed a bill that prohibits cities all over the said state from launching a definite mandates on the minimum wage amongst employees as well as establishing policies on employee’s benefits such as vacation leave, sick leave and other leave incentives.

Supporters of the recently approved bill indicate that any move to increase the minimum wage within the different municipalities could possibly harm the businesses of the local communities.

State Representative Randy Grau who is an avid supporter of the bill’s House adaptation, stated that the said bill offers an equal business environment for all the municipalities of the state of Oklahoma.  He added that a raise with regards to the minimum wage could possibly interrupt the local economy in a span of months.  He believes that this bill is a fair measure for different sectors including the consumers, small business proprietors and workers.

On the flipside, the opposing party of the bill views that the initiative of the Republican Party of the state of Oklohoma to approve the bill as retribution against their plan to raise Oklahoma’s City’s minimum wage which was from $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour through the efforts of the organizers to gather signatures from laborers.  This signature campaign to raise the minimum is in conjunction with President Barack Obama’s proposal in terms of the federal minimum wage.

Fallin explained that her approval of the bill was an action to protect the consumers since increasing the minimum wage could entail increasing the costs for the consumers.

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