More than 250 people gathered at the Arlington Street Church to pay tribute to Howard Zinn- an American historian author and social activist who died in January at the age of 87. Mostly were friends and family members. The name which gains much of interest and appeals the most was an actor Matt Damon who was a close neighbor of Zinn and narrated “The Problem is Civil Obedience”
Matt Damon- a lifelong friend of Zinn and his family read excerpts from a speech which Howard Zinn gave in 1970 debating upon a civil disobedience. Damon read it so passionately and with so much integrity that everyone in the audience was mesmerized by it and it has been said that this was his one of the best real life performance till date.
This speech was a part of an event called ‘The People Speak, Live’ produced by ‘Voices of a People’s History’. The speech which itself is so powerful and the way Damon narrated it can be taken as an icing on the cake.
Matt Damon is not asking to start a revolution but truly boils the blood and depicts the visionaries of the past and present. And after listening this you at least will question yourself that are we living on the planet in the right way or are we justifying being the noble human beings. Why we are living that way, is it our choice, if not then are we trying to change it for our betterment.
The speech can be summarized as that our real issue is not disobedience but its obedience. But with awareness now people are at least motivated for change and trying to create some change at their own levels and raising their voices.
A large number of people are now aware that what’s happening on their dear planet and it is all thanks to growth of media outlets.

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