Children are known for their innocence, but more specifically for their uncanny tendency to blurt out the painful and sometimes embarrassing truth. It is funny that a note to you from a kid could begin with a love and appreciation message and end up stating that you are a fat girl or something equally unpleasant.

This one tell you of your body size
This one tell you of your body size

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A collection of notes from various kids brings out the funny side of their expressions of the truth as they see it. Sample this note addressed to Santa,’ bring my pony this year or there will be consequences’. Another one reads that the kid is running away because someone thinks they farted while they did not. A post script message bluntly tells the recipient that they are mean.

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Other notes are about telling the truth of life and how the children perceive the world around them. ‘At school I ate stale cheetos with lunch, thanks mom’, reads one note. Another one blandly states that the mother of the kid likes drinking wine. Yet a third note from the mother tells Julian, the kid, to have a great day. In defiance, the kid apparently scribbled a reply, ‘I will not’.

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Even divorcees are not spared. One note clearly explains that the children want their parents back together but that is not possible and the children know it because the mother does not like the father.


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Probably the most hilarious, yet touching in its own way, is the note telling mommy that the kid loves them sometimes. Well, you must have punished them once in a while and surely you do not expect the kids to like you during those times.


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Whichever way you bring up your kids, there will always be a lapse or two of blank truth as they follow the religious teachings of always telling the truth. Well, sometimes the kids make your day, before they learn to conceal their emotions and how to lie to you.

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