Measles outbreak in 2014 was considered the worst in the last two decades in Orange County, California according to the state’s health officials.

measles outbreak victim
measles outbreak victim

Based on reports, there were 21 residents in the county that was found to be suffering from measles, with seven of them hospitalized.

Measles is known as a very contagious viral disease and an outbreak can easily occur if it is not prevented at the earliest. Before the onset of this disease, the person may have pink eyes, runny nose, and cough. This will be followed by rashes on the face and neck and on the lower parts of the body. In grave cases, persons with measles may suffer from pneumonia, encephalitis, and inflammation of the brain, a condition that could be fatal.

To prevent measles outbreak, health officials of Orange County advised residents to have MMR vaccination to prevent the spread of the disease. Clinics were set up in some areas for the free immunization. However, people who think that they already have symptoms were asked to see their doctor first so that they could be given a different schedule considering that people having vaccination in the clinics can be infected with the disease if they join them.

Neighboring counties had also experienced a rise in the number of residents who have been infected with measles. There were also recorded outbreaks in San Francisco and New York.

Measles is spread through the air from droplets of fluids from the nose, mouth, and throat of an infected person. It is believed that people from places where measles is rampant can be carriers of the disease when they visit another place and unvaccinated people, especially infants below six months are at high risk of getting infected.

One reason cited for the increase of measles cases is the philosophical variations with the vaccines used.

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