Humanity is helping others when they are in trouble. Monica Smith did something similar, she turned her 8×10 shed into a cabin for living. Yes, that is something any one can do, but what’s noble is her ‘cause’.

Monica decided to give her home to her youngest daughter and five kids who have lost their house and she moved into the shed in her backyard.

People laughed at her when they knew that she is going  to transform her shed in to a house. They thought that she was puttting so much time and effort to it with no reason. But what she did with this cabi is highly incredible. This makes her the colloest grandmother we know.

She really did a great job which showed her devotion. She did all this without taking the help from any professional. She only took some help from her children and grandchildren; obviously there must be some heavy stuff to move. Moinca’s work is an example of her hard work and intelligence. This project was not easy but she did it amazingly.

Monica’s other daughter, Anna, said that the main house is only a 2 bedroom house, which is why there wasn’t enough space for all of them to live there. The selflessness of her to give up her own home so her family would have more space is so inspiring.

The Cabin is double story
Her bedroom is a cozy place with closet and table also
A beautiful dining place for two.
This ladder is a way to bedroom. When you go up, you see her bedroom.
She also made a perfect place to watch television.

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