Makeup contains magic to transform any average looking person into a beauty queen. You might have seen these actresses without their clothes, but how they look without makeup, you can see here.


Here given are some of the best before and after photos of the adult movie actresses that you haven’t seen before. These photos are directly taken by their makeup artist Melissa Murphy.


Melissa Murphy is a highly professional makeup artist. She creates magic with her art. She has been doing makeup for more than eight years and mainly does makeup of adult film actresses. She said that when it comes to makeup of these actresses, it is nothing different than doing makeup for a bride. She knows what it takes to do an amazing makeup that can totally transform the face features naturally.


Melissa Murphy said, “If you’re going to make a woman beautiful, you’re just going to make the woman beautiful.” And this is her art, to transform face naturally.



Makeup for these actresses is harder and needs to be stay in place. Murphy said that she knows how to keep it in place.




Recently, she has begun to post before and after photos of these actresses on instagram. These photos became a viral sensation overnight. She said to HuffPost that she was very grateful to all the models who had allowed her to use their photos.



When she was asked about her favorite makeup client, she said Joanna Angel is her best client. She said, “Joanna Angel is one of my favorites … She gives me a lot of creative control and she works on really interesting things … she pushes me to do things I’ve never done before.”


For any makeup artist creativity is the key to success and when it comes to creativity Murphy is among the best.



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