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There have been huge question marks over the relationship status of Miley Cyrus who was recently spotted in Las Vegas partying with Kellan Lutz. They both were spotted together recently in the end of last month in Las Vegas at the opening of Beacher’s Madhouse which is signaling that they are not just friends after all.

Other famous stars at the party included the famous singer and former Disney star Selena Gomez and the famous finalist of American Idol, Adam Lambert. Miley Cyrus, as evident from the pictures, was wearing a skin colored long sleeved top with a black mini skirt. Kellan Lutz was seen sporting a black leather jacket proving why he is an American heartthrob.

Miley Cyrus at the party was just behaving like herself. She danced around enthusiastically with the fellow party people and she even had moments with Katy Perry where they both danced together and had a good time. Miley was also seen bumping in Kellan on numerous occasions but Kellan was apparently looking a bit shy, which could be because of the press present at the location. Miley was also spotted having a smoke at the party, which could easily be a cigarette, but there are chances that it could have been drugs.

Some people present at the party even said that Miley and Kellan left the party together after 3 am. The ‘thought to be’ couple also arrived Miami together on the same private jet and when the press bombarded Kellan with questions over his relationship status, he played down all the rumors and said that they were just friends. He even added boring work statements while signing autographs that at the moment he was just focused on his work and career, not on relationships.

Only time will tell why both of these single beautiful people are not dating each other.
miley cyrus with kellan miley cyrus with kelland

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