Famous american psychotherapist Brooke Donatone states that too much attention at children’s problem, education isn’t good. In fact, to his opinion, it causes only troubles to kids.
When the child has got used that his parents control his every step, tell the kid what and how to do, watch his problems very closely- this child can not grow up even when he/she is 30. This person still needs his parents’ attention, control and advice. This is the main problem of modern society, says Donatone.
When all his life the baby was overprotected, it is hard for him to get used to a new life, to become independant. When kids live wiht theri parents, the latters tell them what to do, when to go to bed, how to wash up or even some parents prefer to do all homework alone in order to give to the kid more time for lessons. Then when the child has to go to study and move to another city, students’ hostel, the child has serious depression. He doesn’t know how to apportion time to be able to do laundry, cooking, and of course to hometask for College in the same day. They can not be responsible for their own lives. Such children are afraid of getting adults. Which is why in frustrating situations, like lack of time, the absence of a well-paid job, or a break-up they are prone to suicide.
The psychotherapist underlines that parents should teach their children how to cope with any problem, instead of solving the problem instead of him. ┬áThen our kids will be happy, responsible of their lives and wil grow up when it’s time for them

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