theresa-vail-1-600Vail combined the Kansas Army National guard three weeks afterward she turned 17. She is a elder at Kansas State University now. She loves the alfresco and has been a keen hunter since she was 10. It is unexpected that a solider will be a beauty queen. But Vail tells that she will break the typecasts. Besides, Vail had a great hope to endow women. She was terrorized when she was a child. She got so depraved that she closely appropriated her own life. Her father was an Army dentist stationed in Germany. He took her hunting with him and it saved her life.


From that time, she had been an alfresco girl. Her only passion is to empower girls through male-dominated outside sports. Vail wants to help the women to grow their confidence. She always tries to let them recognize that they have what it receipts to achieve anything they want to achieve. Vail’s assumption is that many young girls look at beauty applicants and they think that they have leaded a perfect life. According to this assumption, she wants them to inform that they haven’t led a perfect life. Because the beauty comes from the inside. According to Vail, she is choosing to bear her tattoos because her whole stage is endowing women to overawed typecasts and break barriers. It is impossible to tell the women to be fearless and true to them if she can’t fix the same. She is who she is, tattoos and all.


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