We all know that ultra sound technology has caused a great revolution in medical surgery. Pregnancy and orthopedically problems of human being are now fully depends on the ultra sound technology. Neurosurgery and other critical diseases are one time was difficult for the doctor to identify. Where there is no problem today to use medicine for this disease. But the problem has not completely removed. Because, the machine of this surgery is not a tiny thing but a giant machine. For this reason always the patients have to take to the hospital for scanning the part of the body or the issues. Keeping this thing to mind Mobisante has invented such a device which is very much portable and tiny but effective. It is like a smart phone. This phone is fully capable with the actual device.


You should remember one thing that in the head line I have mentioned that “a Smartphone” rather than your “smartphone”. It means it is not capable with all the smart phone that we use. Mobisante has recently released this smartphone. Smartphone-based MobiUS SP1 ultrasound device doesn’t work with just any common smartphone that we usually use. But the now very dated (already two year-old) Windows Mobile 6.5-based Toshiba TG01 smartphone. It has make a great revaluation as well as the facilities for the people. But the cost of this device is not very less. It is about $7,495. So from now people will get the accurate and cheap point-of-care diagnostics in mobile. What a great pleasure! Whereas a hurt person would usually have to reach a hospital in order to receive possibly life-saving scans, ultrasound scans can now be achieved on the field. Pictures taken with the MobiUS SP1 can then be sent to another doctor for a second view. Emergency inner surgery could be tried en-route, stopping a possible bleed out for example.


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