The love for football in Saskatchewan is not only about passion for the sports. There is lot more than simply football. The news of the soccer match at Mosaic Stadium in Regina is well known now. But the story behind the enthusiastic audience is still unheard.

Saskatchewan is not so famous place to live. Mere 1300 people constitute the town but the bonding and relationship shared among them are priceless. People gathered there for the match to support the home team was not about the love for the game. This was nothing less than a pilgrimage.


This is a very small but unique place. People often referred the place as ‘gap’. The town comes in between an empty space of Alberta and Manitoba. But the people there know almost everyone. Some might be familiar from their high school, some became acquaintance in university. The smallness of the place can be best described by the mobile numbers of the people living in the town. Almost everyone there has same first 6 digits differing only on the last four.

People turned out at a huge numbers on the stadium to support Riders on the football match. But wearing the green and white meant a lot for them. The team is a bond that binds the people of the small place. It might look like a simple football match but inside it is a community outing. All gathered for a cause to extend support to each other. They gathered to boost the confidence of the team of Saskatchewan.

The traditional symbol Rough riders connect them all. It does not matter where they are now, all that matters the experience, the sentiment and the joy they shared together.


The support to the Riders team is not merely a support to the team. It is the respect towards the place they belong. It is about the love for their place and care about their community in Saskatchewan.

The enthusiastic and energetic crowd that support the team do not cheer only to win, they cheer to tell the world that ‘Here is a team which is playing for Saskatchewan.’


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