On the previous month three members of “Muslim Patrol” were sentenced to 68 weeks of jail (Jordan Horner), 12 months of jail (Ricardo Macfarlane) and 24 weeks of jail( the name of the third man is not known) for trying to enforce Sharia Law in East London.
Horner and the other man told the walking couple they were not allowed to hold each other’s hands because it is the territory of Sharia Law. At first the couple accepted this as a joke, but when Muslim Patrol guys blocked them the road, and only then they took hands apart.
The next day they told a young girl she is not allowed to wear short skirts, for same reason. But she replied that she can dress as she wishes in Great Britain. And the third case is really blatant and shocking: the Patrol Guys attacked drinking men, punching them on heads and jaws. A few weeks later Horner and the third guy ordered another couple to not hold hands.
Judge Rebecca Poulet  told the members of the Muslim Patrol organization that in Great Britain everyone should respect rights of others to do as they wish, to dress as they wish and respect religious beliefs of everyone in the UK. And if someone for their freedom and beliefs is treated badly, then the Law will protect this person, no matter what nation, race and religion he is.
The noteworthy fact is that Jordan Horner in court confessed that he is guilty, he is sorry and feels very stupid and bad after having done all this.

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