Many of Muslim activists collected to request that trades stop marketing alcohol in a general East London area yesteryear. Among them the women percentage was very much notable. They want be free from drug and want to live a healthy and proper human life. The collection ran by previous Al-Muhajiroun frontrunner Anjem Choudary, cautioned restaurants and workshops in the Brick Lane part that they expression forty strokes if they linger to sell the creation, that is barred under Sharia Law. About sixty men and women were in the road to submit their protest against the drugs. About sixty Muslim activists congregated in Brick Lane, East London, yesteryear to objection the sale of liquor.


They also conveyed that Muslim is the best religion. Their argue that most of the muslim people don’t like to take drugs and they want to be free from the drugs. But the issue is that the muslim people are selling the illegal alcohol in there. Again the muslim people is protesting them. They want that the alcohol should be permanently banned in Bratain as soon as possible. This picture demonstrations persons who are inconsistent to the protest, which was theatrical in East London. The native man likes his beverage as Choudary and others complaint against the sale of alcohol in the UK. Activists in birches hold up banners hopeful the prohibition of alcohol, at the name of Sharia Law. Collections related with Choudary were labeled, the ‘biggest entry to violence in new British history’. He also fortified 3 bizarre men who were imprisoned last week for aggressive drinkers while on a ‘Muslim patrol’. He was mentioning to an event in which Jordan Horner and another Islamic radical told a twosome they could not hold pointers while mobile down the road, since it was in a ‘Muslim area’.


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