This is something I want to tell to everyone. Any parent whose child is the one making fun or being mean to another child should teach their child how to accept people’s differences. When your child is an infant and begins to be curious and learn a lot of things from beginning to end, you are there to guide them. We start from teaching them how to talk, walk even know the different colors. Exactly, pointing out the differences of the objects. Let me tell you what really push me to write this article. 

I want to begin by saying that I’m not actually here to shout out but just a reminder. My kids and I recently moved in to a new town. As a mother of Jameson (The little boy above), I want to protect him just like any parents do to their children. It started at school, it was an open house to see the school and meet Jameson’s teacher. At the cafeteria, one girl looked and pointed at Jameson then she said to her mom that my child looks scary. There was another scenario happened the next day at the grocery store, there were two boys. They look up at me and I smile, then they ran away and said to their mom that my child looks funny. Their mother told them that it wasn’t nice to say and she turned around.

I’m also a parent, I understand children for what they reacted but we should correct them and don’t tell them that it wasn’t nice to say. Honestly, it’s not enough. If you want to raise a good child then start disciplining yourself as a parent. My child won’t hurt you, you can say it wasn’t nice and try to ask my son’s name or introduce yourself. I promise you, he won’t eat you alive. He’s just a little boy who wants to live like the other children.

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