Curiosity and zeal to learn is the answer to all great learning of the world. There are many evidences that showed how urge has revealed secrets of life. Same thing happened with a little boy Bill when he wanted to know about glowing wounds in the Battle of Shiloh.

The intention of unveiling the science took him almost took him 152 years back in the history when the fierce battle took place.

The unfortunate incident for 16000 soldiers who were wounded took place back in 1862. It was the time of American Civil War. The camp for Major General S Grant was held near Shiloh, beside the beautiful river Tennessee River on the Confederate territory. But the surprise attack on April 6 by the Confederate troops pushed Grant’s men back. But soon they got the support of Major General Don Carlos Buell’s troops which outperformed the attacking troops on their land. The fierce battle saw heavy blood bath and almost 3000 soldiers were killed leaving another 16000 to die in wounded condition.


But the story did not end there and the next part drove Bill to set his quest. The soldiers were found to have glowing wounds after the battle and many of them surprisingly survived. When Bill research with some helping inputs from his mother who is microbiologist about glowing bacteria he found some path breaking facts.

According to hid study, glowing bacteria is P. Luminescence which is having bioluminescent property lives in the guts of parasitic worm called nematodes. These worms feed on eating insects and digest the insect with the help of glowing bacteria. The bacteria are having unique property of killing all other microorganisms in the body. But these are found only in soil.

Further study revealed the most astonishing part as it was found that, the bacteria might have reached the wounds of the soldiers from the soil and then imparting its soft blue light. That light was fluorescent and wounds were visible with glow. That is why it was called as glowing wounds. But the bacteria did more than glowing wounds and it killed all other pathogenic organism of the wound. So besides the glowing wound it saved many lives too.

The credit and the credibility of P. Luminescence would lost in the history forever if Bill would not have taken the initiative. The glowing wounds would have been a mystery and Battle of Shiloh would have remained a story untold. Bill won the First place in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for this amazing and credible project.


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