NASA has proclaimed nowadays that its Inquisitiveness Rover has found an unmistakable communication from Creator written on tablets in a Martian cave. By the opinion of the official media announcement two huge pebble slabs the size of small monsters were situated deep inside a cave adjoining Aeolis Mons, a large mountain. We all know that NASA is a technological researcher organization. It always research on the planets and  sun world. They first send human to the moon. Mow they are researching in many planets among them the Mars is highly notable.  People always want to know the updated news from the NASA. So here is the recent news of NASA. By the opinion of the top experts who have calculated the discovery lengthily, these answers may have ultimately recognized as the one factual religion. Syms Covington is an Australian researcher  and he works for NASA’s Mars Examination Program.


According to his mind as he expressed that is they had gone in to the cave viewing for water, and they found immune of Creator’s presence instead. This is not only his opinion but also the another major scientists of the NASA. If you want to know the fact about it then it will be unbelievable to you.  NASA’s Inquisitiveness nomad reached on Mars in August of previous year with an assignment to travel the Martian climate and geology. The main reason of these is for searching  for the ciphers for habitability. After a long research they had found the as such sings that proved that a long long ago here lived people. Although there is possible meaning, Covington doubts that the Globe-shattering detection may not brand the influence it should. He told that it was really unfortunate. He also explained that the normal media is so anti-religionist, they might not even take up this story.

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