National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a must watch Christmas Comedy. This movie is one out of four ‘Vacation series’. This movie is focused on Clark struggles to have some memorable times with his family. This story is a true story of so many of us who have to face holiday day work stress and uninvited guests on Christmas.

There are 20 things that you didn’t know about the movie before:

1. Do you think that you have seen this house before?


Yes, Griswold’s neighbor’s house seems similar right? It is the house in which Murtaughs resided in Lethal Weapon movies. This is why it looks familiar.

2. Remember the Dodge pickup truck that irritated Clark?


It is same that was used by Kurt Russel in Overboard.

3. You won’t find Lindsay Buckingham’s “Holiday Road”  in this movie

All other National Lampoon’s Vacation movie has this song but this part doesn’t because there wasn’t any road trip.

4. There is very much familiarity between Cousin Eddie’s characters and Randy Quaid’s


Eddie’s characteristics like tongue clicking during dinner and other things were already present in Quaid’s manners since childhood.

5. Have you seen the film’s producer picture on the cover of People Magazine?


Matty Simmons, he was one of the film’s producers and worked in all four parts. His image was on the cover of the magazine that Clark is reading in the bed.

6.  It is the only movie from this series to have its own sequel


Yes, it has a sequel named Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure. In this movie, Cousin Eddie went on vacation in the South Pacific.

7. Earth trembled when Uncle Louis and Aunt Bethany arrived

There was a minor earth quake at the time they both arrive at the scene. Camera shake can be seen during the film.

8. Yes! This movie was on top but one other movie has good business than this movie.


On the opening weekend, Christmas Vacation business was   $11.7 million whereas Back To The Future 2 got $27.8 million.

9. Animated movie credits

In 1980s and also in starting years of 90s, there was a trend of animated credits. Three movies in 1989 had these credits including Christmas Vacation, Honey I Shrunk The Kids and Troop Beverly Hills.

10. Connections of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ with Christmas Vacation


It’s A Wonderful Life is a best Christmas movie ever and it has so many connections with Christmas Vacation. In 1946, It’s A Wonderful Life was directed by Frank Capra. Christmas Vacation’s assistant director was Frank Capra III, grandson of Frank Capra. Other similarities include newel post scenes and Russ watching TV showing the Jimmy Stewart classic at the time of his grandparents’ arrival.

11. Do you know what is ‘Christmas 59’?


In 1980, John Hughes wrote a short story which has a title “Christmas 59” for National Lampoon. This article was the original inspiration for the movie. There was also a scene in the movie in which Clarks found an old movie with the title of “Xmas 59″ which was giving an idea for an article of course.

12. Christmas Vacation Collectibles are available


This website,, is entirely dedicated to the movie collectibles. You can find moose mugs, hoodies, t-shirts and other collectibles.

13. Clark has sorcery connections


Clark’s childhood home was same in which Darren and Samantha lived. Remember in Bewitched?

14. Cat electrocution? In or out?

Movie officials were not sure if to keep the cat electrocution scene in the movie. They are afraid that this scene will offend animal lovers. It was decided to include it when test audience said that they love this part more than anything in the movie.

15.  Betty Boop voice was given by Aunt Bethany


Mae Questel, actress who played Aunt Bethany, was the voice actress of Betty Boop. She has given her voice from 1931 till 1998.

16. This movie originally had no soundtrack


No soundtrack was released with the movie but there are different staple in the movie like “Here Comes Santa Clause” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. In 1999, bootleg copies were appeared at 10th anniversary by fans.

17. Clark and the brood together again

Griswolds reunited at the Old Navy commercials last year. Everyone was present except Johnny Galecki.

18. A pretended watch


When light show was failed, puzzled Clark asks Rusty to check the lights again. Rusty pretended to see the time in the watch and excused himself.

19. They are Bears fan


The Griswolds are fans of Bears. You can see Clark wearing Bears baseball cap in the movies.

20. Cousin Eddie connections to Rocky Balboa


Eddie’s son name was Rocky and he wore a Las Vegas t-shirt. Photo from Christmas Vacation was showed in next year Rocky V.

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