The National Security Agency is busy in exposing few target people who are believed to be radicalising the situation with their speech.  It is believed that NSA has started working on the document reportedly prepared by whistle blower Edward Snowden in 2012. The National Security Agency is on surveillance the online records of the targeted people especially for their sexual activities and Pornographic landfall.

According to the document, there are six target people who all are Muslims. All the target people are in constant eye of NSA and it is believed that, exposing their sexual activities will help people to understand their reality. The major aim of this project is to malign their credibility among the people and also let people understand that they are fake people.

Few of the people are having terribly double standards. National Security Agency mentioned that these people are having visible gap between the personal and public opinion. Despite of showing staunch and orthodox faces in public, they have been found using sexual content online and also taking to young girls about explicit sexual matters. If National Security Agency reports are to be believed then these people will soon be exposed for their deeds.

According to the data available from National Security Agency and reports, it is believed that five out of the six people are actually residing outside United States. Some of them may have dangerous contacts with outfits like Al-Qaida and many other Pakistani Terrorist Organizations. One person has been identified as American and track is on to get to the people. When asked about the credibility of the policy and freedom in the United States, the supporter of the policies of National Security Agency have readily replied that, it is better to track someone, then to track bombs.

Post 9/11, the tracking and investigation in terrorism case has been hugely increased. National Security Agency insiders have confirmed that, this does not harm anyone’s freedom, even though many other have been seen opposing the step openly. The name of the suspected targets have not been disclosed.







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