National Security Agency (NSA) permits people to buy back personal data as the agency announced in its new Private Data Buy-Back Program, which will now permit the purchase of normal citizen’s personal data such as phone records, browsing history, files and emails, allowing its removal from the database of the said Agency’s government servers.


You may have heard of the news about the Snowden revelation about how the National Security Agency may have invaded your privacy and acquire information via their internet surveillance program. This leak of information may caused you alarm as well as concern and opened your eyes for possible violation on your privacy. Therefore, don’t you worry anymore since the National Security Agency has come up with a brand new program plan to suit your needs.

There are two choices for one to buy back their private information, according to a few sources inside the said agency. The first plan, Plan A, would permit the citizens of the United States of America to purchase all their data and important information directly by paying a fixed price of $20,000. On the other hand, people can avail the rental of their information through a monthly subscription plan by paying $30 per month. There are already deals that were made, according to the source that would allow the subscription fee to be included in the regular monthly statements of the people’s cell phone or internet providers. However, if in case there are missed payments, the information would return to the database of the National Security Agency.

This service sounds absurd and ridiculous, you may say. Indeed it is, for it was posted on a satirical online newspaper, the Daily Currant. Yet again, this false news item has been circulating and making rounds in the internet world just after the controversies of National Security Agency leakage was revealed. A lot of people have believed the news right away without getting their facts straight and were in fact sharing their violent reactions regarding the matter.

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