Native People's CouncilNative People’s Council (NPC) agreed in a meeting in Albuquerque to offer amnesty to the 220 million whites living illegally in the United States. The decision was reached after several proposals regarding the future of the white people who remain undocumented until the present.

It is common knowledge that more than 400 years ago, Europeans came to the New Word to colonize it. They grabbed the land from the natives and force them away from their homeland. Since these people did not own the land legally and did not become citizens of the United States of America, many native Americans believe that they must be sent back to their home countries.    

If the NPC’s decision will be followed, several celebrities in the US will be deported, including the notorious Justine Bieber, a Canadian. The Native People’s Council, however, decided to let whites who have no criminal record and of good standing in the community stay as long as they pay their taxes including the arrears and return the lands that they grabbed from the ancestors of Native Americans.

On the other hand, the decision of the Native People’s Council was met with mixed reactions. Some Native Americans consider the move as a good direction towards the future of millions of illegal immigrants in the country while a few believe that pardoning the undocumented immigrants will be just like rewarding them for staying in their land.

Many natives ask why these people who have stolen their land and drained their economy will be allowed to stay and become a part of their nation.

Conservative Native Americans believe that the whites should be made to experience the hardships that the natives have undergone after the white colonizers drove their ancestors away from their own land.

“The European immigrants must learn to fall in line behind the Mexicans,” one native was heard saying.

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