Nelsom Mandela was the former South African President. He was famed for his fight to end the prejudiced policy of apartheid. He died at his ninety five. He was an interesting and good man according to William. Nelson Mandela during his ill time was very much sick for the few months. He had been hospitalized on June 8 for kidney and liver problems. He had been on life support. He had also a periodic lung infection told by the doctors. He was in the hospital for the long time. People had been very much curies to know about his health. There gathered some people. At that moment Jacob Zuma, the South African president told that Nelson Mandela was in very well looked after. He has been kept is safe and comfortable place.


And it had been happened on the day of his end. He has done very well for his country people. Even though, some hidden talk has expressed about his opposite. He was a famous figure all around the world. During his twenty seven years old, his name and fame had been spreaded across the globe. He had been thrown to the prison. Because, he conspired to overthrow South Africa’s government. After that he was unconfined from the prison in nineteen hundred ninety. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in nineteen hundred ninety three. Nelson Mandela assisted arrange South Africa’s first multi-racial election in nineteen hundred ninety four. And the great surprise matter was that he has been elected as the president of the country. And the history was that he was the first Black president of the country. He in his whole life tried to solve the problem of the color of the human being. At that time the black was not considered and honored as the white one. Mandela always refused it. Over the periods, Mandela has been portrayed by several main actors including Sidney Poitier, Morgan Freeman, Dennis Haysbert, Danny Glover and Idris Elba.


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