The meal of the jail inmates of Maricopa County of Arizona may see a change soon. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has come up with an economical and strange plan for almost 1000 prisoners in Arizona.

The new planned meal will cost around 56 cents and will have some vegetarian Turkish stuff like Soy Casserole. Sheriff has always been a controversial man as far as the meal policy of Jail is concerned. He is reported to be the person who serves cheapest meal in the jail in all over United States. The average cost for meal for Jail inmates is around 15 to 40 cents and the new plan can take up to 53 cents. Sources also claim that he provides meal twice a day and also has stopped pepper and salt. All the efforts are made to cut the budget and save tax payers money as per his official website.


He has never stopped controversy and made some infamous Jail policies. He earlier introduced ‘Patriotic Jails’ for the inmates. As per that one who is found to be disrespecting country by flag or any other act will be considered as unpatriotic. As a punishment to that the inmates have to be on a diet of Bread and Water. There were several questions raised on this particular issue as it was considered a violation of humanism to the prisoners. However he continued the process and there were many prisoners who actually survived only in Bread and Water.

In an attempt to cost cutting in the Jails Sheriff has created lot of controversy and interestingly he has also planned to charge from the inmates for the meal. The plan has not been approved yet but sources has established a great chance when inmates actually have to pay $1 for the meal in the jail of Maricopa County, Arizona.

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