kissing program

The other day a famous satirical online publication called “The Onion” published a video report about a new program for New York Police “Stop and Kiss”. They showed how it worked in real. Policemen should stop and kiss everyone who is suspicious to their mind. The onion even showed the fake speech by the mayor of New York, who said on the video “If police arrests someone, they should question and then kiss this person”. There were even strikes supporting this new policy and demonstrations against it on the video. People have been discussing this news. Many people believed it was true. Some said on Twitter that now they would be afraid to go out without documents, because they don’t want to be kissed by Police, some said they that it is better than fees and arrests. But all these people forgot or just didn’t know that “The Onion” is just a satirical online publication and all events and names are not true. Unless they intentionally satirize famous people and famous events. A few months ago they published a story about George Zimmerman, who killed a seventeen years-old Afroamerican, won the lottery on Twitter.
We all got used to trust everything we see and read, even if that is a such ridiculous story about police kissing people.

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