When Officer Carlos Ramos saw Robert William freezing in the cold New York streets, he took off his sweatshirt that he was wearing under his uniform and gave it to him. Robert is a homeless New Yorker, living off the streets while Carlos is an officer with the NYPD Transit Bureau, working in counterterrorism and anti-crime. He has been an officer since 2007. Robert has been homeless for an unknown period of time, he does not know for how long himself, since a roommate kicked him onto the streets.

Carlos taking off his shirt for Robert

The plight of New York’s homeless population comes to the forefront every year when winter sets in. many are without adequate shelter or clothing. Food for them is also difficult to come by. The positive gesture by Carlos was aptly captured on camera. Robert was only clad in a thermal shirt, which barely covers his body.

Robert donning his newly found sweatshirt and using his former clothing as socks

In the exchange that took place between Robert and Carlos, Robert resists the offered sweatshirt, in a show of concern for the kind officer. Carlos on the other hand offers the sweatshirt open heartedly since his greater concern was not for himself but for Robert. Carlos says he regularly helps those he finds in need. Robert says that as Carlos was giving him the sweatshirt, he said that Robert should not worry about it. Robert appreciates the sweatshirt and gladly took off his thermal shirt which he tore up to use as socks, keeping himself warm with the newly acquired sweatshirt instead.

The act comes close to a year after another officer bought a homeless man a pair of boots after noting that the homeless guy had no shoes and blisters on his feet. The homeless Jeffrey Hillman had never owned a pair of shoes before and thanked the cop, Larry DePrimo. DePrimo won the hearts of many after pictures of his kind act went viral on the internet. He was recently promoted to detective.

DePrimo with Jeffreys in last year’s episode of police kindness

Looks like the police are embracing change and getting into service to the people more openly and willingly. Thumbs-up to the police officers.

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