Rashard Mendenhall, a NFL running back, decides to retire after six NFL season at the prime age of 26. Mendenhall used to play for the Steelers and Cardinals before deciding to announce his retirement. In a column in the Huffington Post, he explained the reason behind his retirement at an early age. He loved football; there is no question to that. It is just that he does not want to play anymore. He just wants to fade away. Period! He wants to travel around the world and write.

Mendenhall’s stirring and well written piece in Huffington post entitled “Why I Retired at 26” gives us a glimpse in his interesting yet struggling days as a professional NFL player.
After attending two Super Bowls, receiving a hefty amount of salary, achieving the peak of his career as a professional player, travelling to different places for a competition, meeting awesome personalities and cool new friends, contributing to charities; and imparting the knowledge to his colleagues, Mendenhall believes that everything is done. He stressed that he really enjoyed his days with his teammates and the fun memories he shared with them will forever be keep inside his mind. However, the life as a popular athlete is like living inside an aquarium, all eyes are on you. As a celebrated athlete, Mendenhall did not only received positive feedbacks but also foul criticism. As he said, there were a lot of times that he had been called a ‘dumb nigger’. He is not a sensitive type of person, he said, but things like these affects the important persons that surround him. Critics tend to spurt out vile and awful things behind the mask of anonymity of the internet and the audience of this medium usually believes whatever information handed to them.

Rashard Mendenhall, a man with dignity and integrity will continue to live his life to the fullest, freely and without any restriction that is holding him back. He will pursue his passion for various things and he commences his passion for writing in his striking piece in Huffington Post.

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