Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader executed his own uncle, Jang Song Thaek who was believed to be the second strongest person in the country after Kim. According to reports, Thaek was stripped naked and was handed over to a pack of 120 hounds in a cage who had been starved for three days. The details of this execution came from Singapore’s Straits Times newspaper, which the reported this gruesome act to be known as ‘quan jue’ or ‘execution by dogs’.



Image of Jang Song Thaek hand-cuffed and being presented to the court.

The reports claimed that the ‘execution by dogs’ lasted an hour and Kim watched this episode live along with his 300 senior officials. According to some analysts, the officials were invited to be conveyed a message of staying loyal not only to the leader but also the Stalinist regime. Kim had described 67-year-old uncle as a womanizer, a traitor and ‘despicable human scum – worse than a dog’. 


Image of Thaek and Kim attending a function together.


The entire world was in shock when Kim had accused his uncle for treachery. 


A total of 120 starved dogs were left in a cage along with Thaek and his five aides to perform this gruesome act. 

This brutal death of Kim’s uncle in the fiercest manner has led everyone in the country thinking that no one was safe- not even family members. Hearing this news, Kim’s 19-year-ole nephew also fled from his university campus in Paris after the execution occurred and now has gone into hiding.  


Jang Song Thaek with his nephew Kim in good times.

Kim’s previous such behavioral incidents were documented in last year where he was claimed to have executed his former lover due to the reason that she appeared in a porn film. Another incident wherein Singer Hyon Song-wol along with 11 others were arrested in August upon violating the country’s law against pornography and had been executed three days later by firing squads.

The Strait times said that this kind of brutal act of Kim’s regime had even forced China to voice their opinion of not having any relation with Kim any longer. The Global times that is associated with a Chinese communist party outlet, People’s Daily, published an editorial showing surprise over the sudden political change saying such kind of activities are highly condemnable and the Chinese people were ‘disgusted’ with Kim regime.

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