Southern America and part of Canada may get lucky enough to witness the special Northern Lights soon. A new report on study has revealed that the strong solar flare is most likely to shake the magnetic field of Earth. This shaking up will result in shifting of Aurora Borealis towards the Southern region of United States. The report has revealed that the shifting may very well go to deep south of Colorado and Central Illinois region.

In a report prepared by the Federal Weather Forecaster, it has been indicated that the shimmering Northern Lights will cover the Southern region very soon. Many scientists who worked on the project said that the strong solar flare would cause the Northern Lights. After a long study, the researchers have found out that the earth’s magnetic field will be affected by the flare. It would most probably shake it to a significant amount. The Aurora Borealis which directly depends upon the magnetic field of earth will eventually shifts it gears to give south a rare chance of witnessing the Northern Lights very soon. However, the researchers have made it clear that, the phenomenon largely depends upon the weather and bad weather may affect the clear viewing of the opportunity to see Northern Lights.


Northern fringes of United States and part of Canada may very host the activity for few days, according to reports prepared by the University of Alaska, Geographical Institute. However, the colours might get on the lower side, as it progresses on to Chicago, Boston, Seattle and other adjoining areas. It will also be seen on the lower horizon in these areas.

The solar storm has started affecting the normal operations and heavily affecting the air flights around the polar region. The flare has started disturbing the GPS tracking system, and as the magnetic field of earth shakes up further, it is going to give more prominent effect.


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