Playstation 4,  gaming console of  Sony, brought new enjoyable features to users.There are online communication and broadcasting options on console including playroom.In this feature, you can broadcast your live video on TwitchTV and share it with other users.

But one man, whose user name is Darkcobra, used this service in a different and shocking way! He exposed his wife’s body in front of the camera of gaming console.

In the begining of footage they are seen drinking together on the couch.Probably wife does not know what will happen after she falls asleep.Finally she loses consciousness on the couch.And shocking part starts after this.And their living room becomes home of first nudity show of Playstation 4!
After she passes out her husband begins taking her clothes off.Firstly he exposes her breast .After a couple of minutes he strips off all clothes .She gets completely naked and  keeps on sleeping naked in front of the camera.

After those moments Darkcobra was immediately banned from TwitchTV by admins . They reminded the terms of service of TwitchTV via tweeter.It is told that Sony could change the rules and working style of playroom becuase they can really get in hot water because of it.


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