In Rieti, the central and small city of Italy, everyone was in shock when a 31 year old nun was rushed to a nearby hospital and was eventually discovered to be pregnant! The alleged pregnant nun is anative from El Salvador but was currently living at the convent.


The 31 year old nun who insisted to be not named has given birth to a healthy baby boy and wittingly named her unexpected son Francesco after our esteemed Pope Francis according to the BBC reports.  She claimed that she was entirely unaware that she was carrying a child inside here.  It was only made known to her after she was rushed to the hospital after experiencing some stomach painsHospital personnel were on shock when they discovered that the simple stomach cramps was actually signs that the nun was in labour.

The Simone Petrangeli, mayor of the city of Rieti, requested the residents as well as the media to respect the nun’s privacy.  The news about the pregnant nun has already escalated to large proportions and has brought unsought attention to the city of only 47,000 residents.

The talk about nun was reportedly serves at the convent of the Little Disciples of Jesus near the city of Rieti. the said convent functions as home for the aged.  A lot of her colleagues, including nuns at the Little Disciples of Jesus, were surprised of the news.

Don Fabrizio Borello , their local pastor, said that the alleged nun plans to take care and raise her baby and believed that the woman was telling the truth when she said she was unaware of her pregnancy.

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