The President of United States of America Barrack Obama has reportedly made a controversy over his intention to give America a new flag. According to reports Obama recently unveiled the flag at a press conference to the citizens of US in Washington DC.

The new flag has replaced the traditional and famous stars and stripes with hammer and marijuana symbol. The flag contains two major colors one is dark Red and another Green. Apparently Red symbolizes the socialism and Green symbolizes Islam.


At the top left of the flag a hammer has been placed with a sickle. Alongside it six French fleur-de-lys can be seen. This six symbolizes the six major states of USA. These are California, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Hawaii.  But the most enthralling part was at the greener section of the flag. The reports have suggested that “People’s Public of America” has been written on the flag but interestingly in Arabic. Also a marijuana leaf has been included top of the writing to show the drug culture of the country.

Obama has reportedly termed the flag as progressive and diverse. Despite of fierce opposition he has ordered for the flag and remained unfazed by the critics. He has justified the move by calling America as an Islamist, Socialist and friendly nation. He also mentioned that this flag will help the country to match the impression.

Media reports have claimed that Obama was deterred by the strong condemnation and went on to say that he could do whatever he wants. The constitution of America permits him hoist the flag on any government building. However to make the flag official the socialist might be requiring nod of the congress. It is highly unlikely that Republican will accept the step.

The flag has been criticized by many citizens and hoped for republican government. They have also said that the present events might make them a country like North Korea.


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